Can a lotus flower have too many petals? Or why I embrace multientrepreneurship!

This week, I didn’t do anything.

It’s somewhat of a joke, but it’s actually kind of true too.

I was looking back over the last week and all the things, all the events, all the experiences that happened without me.

Let me explain…

Earlier in the week, I met with one of the leaders in my organization with Epicure. She’s a director, and she will be organizing and actually taking care of part of the event that we are doing next week for all of our organization and customers to help get us from spring to summer.

It’s awesome to know that I can count on someone else to be there if I cannot.

To play around and bounce around ideas and finalize a concept for an event that will be great for everyone.

And then on Tuesday I was unwell and had to cancel some appointments because I had a really bad earache. While I was totally offline, there was an awesome networking meeting happening with a dozen women with our Heart Link group. Some of them were new and some were meeting again, it was in person and coordinated by Isabelle Parent, who is a new Heart Link coordinator within our chapter. She’s replaced me before as well for leading some of our virtual meetings, and she always facilitates our attendee intro period. That gives me so much joy to be working alongside her, to be equally involved, and to know that so many more people can benefit from the Heart Link  concept without me even being present.

On Tuesday evening, there was also a wonderful interview being held online. My friend Lorraine Langevin did her first interview as an interviewer and Mounaye Larouche was her interviewee. With our Heart Link chapter, every Tuesday, we spotlight one of our members. And now these interviews are being done by people other than myself. We created questions and we have some guidelines. So the framework is always the same, though it’s unique every time, and even more so with a new interviewer.

On Tuesday evening as well, as I was unable to go online and lead the meeting, my friend and Epicure Leader Stacy held our monthly team virtual gathering and was able to inform everyone of our news and specials for the month and how to best benefit from them for our businesses.

Another person I love working is Imie Bélanger. She is a friend, mentor and business partner. I do a lot of content creation and social media for community and our events with I Shop at Home, however, Imie is the brain behind it. She can take a set of garbled, mumbled up words and create magic out of it, something that is so good that I will want to buy even when I’m the one who wrote the text to begin with. She’s great with getting people’s minds and what will work for them and serve them best. She is the mind behind I shop at home, which has been, from my experience, top number one directory for direct sales in all of Canada for the past 20 years. She never disappoints and because she is doing all that work, I know that even if I had to, if I have to step back for a couple of days, I know that she will take over and it might not make much of a difference, even though I really enjoy contributing to this.

Another person I really enjoy working with is my friend Michelle. We are co-founders of the Vegetarian Showcase here in Quebec. We have not been able to do any of our events in the last two years. We had an incredible in-person event that was the first of its kind ever in our region in 2019. And since then, we’ve been spotlighting companies that sell, produce vegetarian vegan products for the general public to know what is on the market. What’s great with Michelle is we meet every week and there are times when she cannot attend or times when I cannot attend. And we we have worked hard together and we have also been learning what our strengths and our weaknesses are and how to divide the work amongst ourselves that has maximized our results and our performance. And we work equally, but differently. I know that if I have something come up personally, I can disappear for a couple of hours or a couple of days or even a week or two at a time. And that will not keep or slow down our business.

And lastly, but not the least, my incredible discreet, though. Very effective, efficient, creative. Private spirited personal virtual assistant Anik she has been doing with no stop for the last two years. Several hours for me with my Epicure business. She is patient, kind, heart centered, understands extremely quickly and does things way better than I ever do in the tasks that she has to do. She is available in Memphis. She never quits. She never stops. I’ve never seen her be behind or make a mistake. And she takes away all the questioning I usually have about my own tasks because they’re given to her and she just doesn’t. She has been my very own personal assistant and I appreciate her very much.

Two of the business I co-facilitate also work with a VA, for specific tasks and a smaller workload (for now) Nathalie Desjardins, specialising in working with businesses that have a link with animals and caring for them and Aurore Bouix who takes care of our Instagram account for the Heart Link as well as a few admin tasks..

So when my friends and family worry that I am too busy and I’m doing way too many things, remember that I have decided that I am going to go for what makes my heart beat, for what makes me happy. And so all of these projects, they actually fit within what I am calling a lotus flower. The Lotus Collaborative Project is something that I will be sharing more and more with everyone, and it’s something that’s been more in my home, in my house, on paper, and not out in the world yet. All my projects fit within a lotus flower like petals. You can’t say a lotus flower has too many petals and you can’t tell me I have too many projects. I do not do them alone. And they make me very happy. They nourish me, they connect me, and they are all connected together. And happily. I do not have to work myself for a lot of what is being done in all of these projects and businesses. I hope that this is something that relates to you, and I wish everyone great connectedness and a recognition of the interdependence between us and how to maximize it and do it purposely and intentionally.
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